Prevent frozen water lines from damaging your irrigation system by performing this critical seasonal maintenance.

Pro Tip: Winterize Irrigation (Sprinkler) System

Irrigation sprinkler You rely on your irrigation system to keep your lawn looking its best most of the year, but when autumn approaches you need to take action and to empty and insulate the system so it will be reliable next spring. If you fail to winterize your irrigation system properly, when the cold weather hits, any water left in the lines can freeze, expand, and crack, potentially causing costly damage. For the various types of irrigation systems, there are two primary methods of releasing this water: draining it from the valves and/or using an air compressor to blow it out of the irrigation pipes. Because the consequences of leaving water behind in your pipes can be considerable, irrigation system manufacturers recommend that homeowners follow both procedures every fall before temperatures dip to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.Frozen Sprinkler

Central Virginia Home Inspections recommends contacting a irrigation company to perform the winterization of the irrigation system.