Richmond Drone Inspection

When necessary we use a drone to see those hard reach areas.*

Richmond Drone Inspections

Introducing our aerial drone roof inspections.

The best way to inspect two-story homes or roof systems that cannot be waked on due to safety or potential damage”and clients are loving it! We use the DJI Phantom drone. Roof systems are subject to physical damage by foot traffic. Therefore they can only be evaluated from ground level at the eves or from the attic area. While this is an adequate visual assessment for roof leaks. It may not reveal other defects or deficiencies such as cracked, chipped or broken roof tiles or even worse substandard roof installation. Our aerial assessment of the roof using the DJI Phantom drone equipped with a high-definition camera and is used when the Home Inspector feels it is necessary.

*A full drone inspection is available upon request at an additional charge.

We are compliant with all FAA and local regulations required to operate and fly a done.

Richmond Drone Inspection FAA Drone Approved